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Wisconsin Association of Licensed Practical Nurses

Upcoming Events
Oct. 31, 2022

WALPN newsletter “CAPNOTES” to be emailed to members

Oct. 31, 2022“THE PULSE” NALPN Newsletter to be email to members only.

Jan. 15, 2023

2023 Article deadline for “THE PULSE” to be emailed to nalpnoffice@gmail.com (in subject put Jan. Pulse)
Jan. 31, 2023NALPN newsletter “THE PULSE” emailed to members ONLY
Feb. 15, 2023Article deadline for “Capnotes” to be emailed to kalistaconsultingllc@gmail.com​
Feb. 28, 2023WALPN newsletter “CAPNOTES” emailed to members ​
Apr. 23, 2023Sunday WALPN Board of Directors meeting @3pm @ the Wintergreen/Clarion Hotel
Apr. 23, 2023

WALPN Conference will begin with a Meet & Greet in the Hotel Lounge/Bar time to be determined

Apr. 24, 2023WALPN 71 st Conference to commence: details in Feb. Capnotes

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