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Educational Opportunities

NCSBN Offers Free Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Training Materials

Nurses and Nursing Students can access free continuing education (CE) course material on          Substance Use Disorder online at www.learningext.com.  As a member of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) the Wisconsin Board of Nursing wishes to alert Wisconsin Nurses and Nursing Students of the availability of this valuable resource.  NCSBN is offering these courses due to “the common need to arm nurses and nursing students with knowledge to help identify the warning signs of SUD in patients, nurses and the general public and to provide guidelines for prevention, education and intervention.”  The website also offers a downloadable brochure “What You Need to Know About Substance Use Disorder in    Nursing” and a resource guide “Substance Use Disorder in   Nursing.” For more information about NCSBN please visit www.ncsbn.org.


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